We decided to start this managerial adventure after many years wanting to turn professional an activity that we had been doing educationally, with friends, charitable causes and some times in anniversaries, fairs and events...

We enjoy generally showing, and with the nature and history of this land in particular. These specialties are completed with other knowledge that we are constantly taking, as we make our path.

We have a wide experience in the touristic sector. We have given more than 3000 hours of Tour Guide courses. We took place in the creation of a Travel Agency. We also run a Rural House and we have training at Rural Tourism Company Management.

We work with Trekking Associations, as "Maragatos de las Villuercas", Trekking Association of la Jara Villuercas Ibores "JAVI" and ARBA Extremadura (Association for Indigenous Forests Recovery).

Working basically in the Villuercas Geopark, Monfragüe National Park and La Siberia, where we have experience and very deep knowledge about those places and where we make most of the investigation work, altough, we are able to work in the whole Extremadura area.

In this website you will see some of the places or routes, but we can guide you and help you understand even places where none of us have been.

We offer you a basic equipment pack: telescope, GPS, binoculars, 4 x 4 vehicles, maps, guidebooks... everything you need to make these activities worthy.

The guides working our routes are carefully chosen. We have trained more than sixty people from this area in our courses, and because of the trekking hobby we contact highly prepared people in concrete aspects of our area, who give us unvaluable knowledge and experiences, they always do an excelent work.

Anyhow, we coordinate our stock and resources with other local companies, we complete each other' specialties and also needs we could meet.